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How to use your body language to effectively communicate with your dog

How to use your body language to effectively communicate with your dog

October 5, 2018

I’m sure I’m not the only one here who says that we swear our dogs can understand every word we say. But the truth is that our dogs understand more of what we mean when we say it with our bodies rather than our words (I’m sorry to disappoint you all). Here are just a few […]

Training your new puppy

Training your new puppy

September 21, 2018

Ok, so you’ve just got yourself a new puppy, and everything is great! You’ve got that gorgeous puppy smell, you’re loving being smothered in puppy kisses and cuddles.  You’re friends and family are cooing over this pup repetitively telling you how cute you’re new pack member is. And you’re loving the time you’re spending with […]

How to create a perfectly behaved dog

How to create a perfectly behaved dog

September 7, 2018

This week I’m going to give you the essential tips on how to prevent your dog from misbehaving and creating a perfectly behaved dog.

Learn how to get a strong bond with your dog/s and how to get them to hang on every word you say.

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When I first got my kelpie-collie x at the start of 2015, I went to the best local knowledge on dog training I knew of, Kirsty. Over a few chats with a cuppa and after watching her work with her two, I felt pretty confident to train up my young fella. Within a few months, I had him trained well enough to walk around town without a lead, to trust him with the teenagers at the kids camp we lived and worked at, obey set commands and travel distance in vehicles. He’s doing well. And every day I’m with him, I’m putting those initial learnings from Kirsty into practice. I can definitely recommend Kirsty’s work with training dogs.


My 14-month-old Kelpie was starting to develop very headstrong antics, and I was getting worried about his jumping and not walking obediently off the lead. He was also treating my older dog too roughly. Kirsty has done two sessions with him so far and his behaviour has really improved. She’s given me some easy strategies to use with him – and I feel like he is listening to me so much better than he was! We are all going to keep working with Kirsty – having a lively dog is great, but only if he knows how to contain it when he needs to! Thanks Kirsty – highly recommend this service.